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Personalized Comic Book Gift for Valentines Day

Personalized Comic Book Gift for Valentines Day

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For all those with slightly (or not so slightly) nerdy partners, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, or just friends we have created a personalized comic book! What better gift to commemorate Valentine's Day than a personalized comic book? It makes for a great gift for you to immortalise your favourite memories together, relive the story of how you met, or simply write an ode to someone special as a unique gift to him or her!

How does this work?

1) You order your own personalized comic book and we send you an easy-to-use template where you can upload your photos and write the story (that part is optional)

2) Once you are finished, we'll go away and work our magic to make the photos stylized just like a comic book.

3) We'll send you the PDF to check and then print and get it shipped!

4) You gift what might be one of the best and most original gifts they have ever received!


How long is each book?

The standard comic has space for 19 images and the long version has twice as many with 38 images. Don't forget to add a dedication in the page provided. We'll then work our magic to make it feel like a real comic book. The digital version is of standard length, but you have to print it yourself.

In a rush? How long are shipping times?

Standard shipping is 2-3 weeks in the US and UK and 1-2 weeks in the UK, but if you choose Priority that will only be 1 week delivered (from the time you submit your photos to us).

This personalized book will be something unique that they will have never received before. Whether they are a comic book fan or not, they'll love looking through your book of memories with a story only you can tell.

Who doesn't love a good comic book or personalized gift after all?

Thank you for supporting a new indie publisher and if you have any questions at all just message us!

Alex & Jonny

PS: Please note production and shipping times come into play once you finish the personalization phase. Do send us a message if you need it more urgently and we'll see what we can do!

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